Clinical Sonographer Services

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Clinical Sonographer Services

Due to increased demands in the ultrasound profession, many sonographers are presenting with symptoms of repetitive strain injury early in their careers. Are you going to be one of the statistics? Would you be able to take 2-5 years out of your life to recover from a debilitating injury? Are you willing to risk losing your profession as a result of an occupational injury?

The factors contributing to sonographer injuries are complex, but there are steps YOU can take to reduce your risk for injury.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Studies have shown that a regular program of stretching and strengthening can reduce the symptoms of musculoskeletal injury. Sound Ergonomics offers exercises and stretching equipment, such as exercise tubing packets, hand strengthening putty and exercise posters with recommendations for preserving the upper body flexibility necessary for the rigorous demands of sonography.

Sonographer Ergonomic Training

Correct postural alignment is key in the prevention of occupational injury. Let our injury prevention specialists evaluate your scanning technique and make recommendations to reduce your risk for injury. Sound Ergonomics experts are available to provide proactive ergonomic education for the prevention of sonographer work-related injury. Adaptive products, designed to provide support for high-risk muscle groups, are also available from Sound Ergonomics.

Ergonomic Seminars and Lecture Programs

According to surveys, the most sought-after topics for continuing education among health professionals are lectures on the prevention of work-related injury. Sound Ergonomics seeks to reduce the rate of occupational injury through education and training. Work safety education empowers professionals with the ability to influence their risk for injury. Sound Ergonomics consultants are available for lecture and/or to provide hands-on training in ergonomics for conference attendees. These programs are available for non-profit groups, such as local professional society meetings.

Clinical Site Evaluations

Clinical Site Evaluations provide valuable information to sonographers and their administrators so that work safety programs can be implemented. Our staff is unique in their expertise both as Clinical Sonographers and as Applied Workplace Evaluators. This background allows our specialists to evaluate and make recommendations on the implementation of control measures for the prevention of occupational injury specific to the needs of sonographers. Combinations of evaluation, checklists, anthropometric data, analysis systems and observations are utilized to formulate practical recommendations for the clinical sonographer. Sound Ergonomics is available to provide ergonomic evaluations of your ultrasound lab, including assessment of workstations, ancillary equipment specifications, and workload.

Evaluations would include a review of:

  • Schedules & workload
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Exam room set-up
  • Reporting workstation

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