Ergonomic Evaluations


Occupational injuries among sonographers reaching record numbers, and we are losing the most experienced in the profession due to the long-term effects of cumulative trauma. Clinical site evaluations are designed to identify the factors contributing to work-related injury in the ultrasound department and provide feasible solutions for addressing concerns.

The key to a valuable site evaluation is for the evaluator to have industry-specific knowledge of the profession in which the site evaluation is being performed. The training of the various professionals who perform worksite evaluations does not necessarily include ergonomic workplace evaluations. Unless these evaluators have pursued training outside their line of work, they may not necessarily have the skills to adequately evaluate an ultrasound worksite. Even with additional training, they still may lack the "industry-specific knowledge' about sonography. This is why Sound Ergonomics has been so successful with ergonomic site evaluations for sonography. Not only do their consultants all have training in ergonomic workplace evaluations, but they also have the knowledge specific to the profession of sonography because of their years spent in clinical ultrasound. Their solutions are practical and achievable because they understand the demands of the job. Being advised by someone who speaks your language makes a significant difference.

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Sound Ergonomics' specialists provide assessment and recommendations for environmental solutions that are specific to the needs of your individual clinical situations. An evaluation that is considered 'participatory' is critical to an effective work site assessment. As a part of your clinical site evaluation, we will examine the many facets of your daily routine that could impact the risk for injury among your staff.

Among these are:

  • Schedule & workload
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Physical environment
  • Type of exams performed

There are several options available depending on the needs of your department. More information available in Work Site Assessment: A tool for Reducing Risk Exposure for Work-Related Injury and for improving Productivity (.pdf, 52 KB)


Sonographer Ergonomic Training

This training will provide your staff with individualized ergonomic assessments and hands-on training in the prevention of occupational injury. Presented in an in-service format, emphasis is on postural alignment, exam technique and preventative maintenance for the sonographer. This training is also available as an option of the Clinical Site Evaluations.

Ergonomic Training includes:

  • Hands-on assessment of scanning technique for each sonographer
  • Review of exam technique & suggestions for more comfortable postures
  • Hands-on training in preventative maintenance exercise program

Worker Transition Retraining

Individualized training for the sonographer returning to work following an occupational musculoskeletal injury will assist him/her in reducing the risk factors for re-injury.


  • Hands-on assessment of scanning technique
    • Postural alignment recommendations
    • Review of exam technique
    • Adaptive equipment recommendations
  • Hands-on training in preventive maintenance exercises
    • Exercises designed by a physical therapist specifically for sonographers
    • Exercise poster of recommended stretching exercises
    • Hand-strengthening exercise putty with instructions
    • Pocket exercise cards
  • Evaluation of individual environmental factors
    • Specifications for recommended ergonomic ancillary equipment
    • Proper utilization of equipment

Additional worksite follow-up is available on an hourly basis and provides the sonographer with a follow-up to the Worker Retraining Program once he/she returns to the workplace. Consultation includes evaluation of the work environment and assisting the worker to utilize ergonomic training within the confines of the specific work environment.

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