Sonography Educators

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Sonography Educators

Education and training in proper body mechanics and a program of preventative maintenance exercises are keys to successfully preventing work-related musculoskeletal injuries among sonographers. As an educator, you have both the opportunity and the responsibility to provide your students with the knowledge to reduce their risk work-related musculoskeletal injury before they enter the clinical workplace. Sound Ergonomics' consultants have developed educational packages for training in the prevention of occupational injury.

Ergonomic Courses

Designed for the diagnostic medical sonography Program Director, this CD-ROM PowerPoint presentation includes instructor's notes, a comprehensive video and workbook. Ergonomic Courses are available in both general sonography and cardiovascular sonography versions.

Also included is a maintenance program and reference guide recommended for students entering the field of sonography, allowing them to be proactive in their approach to injury prevention.

Classroom Version and Student Packages

At the request of many of our academic program directors, we now offer optional versions of the Ergonomic Courses program, with or without additional exercise equipment and individual workbooks for students. Classroom versions allow you to include exercise equipment for your students in your program package. Student Packages are available for those instructors who prefer to order this equipment separately.

Contact Sound Ergonomics for complete details and ordering instructions.